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Thank you for your inquiry. Parks Insurance Pty Ltd specializes in arranging insurance for Caravan Parks, Holiday Villages and Home Estates. As the largest insurer of Caravan Parks in Australia, Parks is acknowledged by many of its peers as the industry specialist.

The policy is underwritten by Lumley General which is trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited which provides added security of a locally based Australian Owned company; the program offers specific wordings aligned with the industry needs such as Material Damage and Broadform Public Liability sections based on a combination of ISR and business pack wordings, which offers superior cover, reduced government charges and varying excesses. Marine & Hire Boats have cover under a commercial marine policy also underwritten by Lumley General which is trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited which includes Legal Liability, with another option of Home and contents based on accidental damage cover wording. Finance by Wayne Saman, our preferred broker for insurance and finance.

Insuring caravans and Toyota HiLux cars – Parks Insurance can help you find the insurance that is right for you.

Latest Update – Parks Now Brokering Home Loans

Introducing Park’s New Flexible Home Loan

You may have heard about the different kinds of home loans – and even what some of them do. There are simple ones and complex ones, but often the best kinds of home loans around are the flexible ones. They’re not too difficult to understand and they can offer a huge benefit to many potential borrowers.

But what is a flexible home loan? And how can you benefit from making the most out of this kind of deal? Read on to find out!

What are flexible home loans?

These kind of loans can be great for many people, but what makes them so good?

Well, as the name suggests, they are flexible. They will give you (as the borrower) some wiggle-room with making your monthly repayments depending on how much you borrow (see our home loans calculator). You will also be able to choose to pay the lender more money than the regular amount when you are able to afford it, without any hidden charges. Yes there are other types of home loans that allow you to do this, but it’s still a great bonus.

Unlike a lot of other kinds of home loans, if you have already overpaid, you can pay less money if you are unable to pay the usual amount another month. It could be because you’re in a difficult position, or you could even take a break from your payments altogether!

They are one of the only kinds of loans that are as flexible as you’d imagine – and this is a huge bonus for many people who want to get a home loan.

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The downside of going flexible

Although they are flexible and often great at being so, there is an issue that will often come with these kinds of home loans. Generally, the interest rates on flexible home loans are higher than the interest rates on other types of mortgages.

It depends on what you want from your lender and your money – and if you’re willing to pay extra on interest each month for the flexibility that makes this kind of loan unique, why not?

Certain circumstances may lead you to apply for a flexible home loan – for example, you may be self-employed and be in need of a loan that can fluctuate in much the same way as your earnings. Being able to pay off more one month and less the next can work better for those with flexible incomes, so these loans can often be ideal.

If you don’t think you’ll need the flexibility at all, then you may as well get a repayment home loan (which are similar, but aren’t flexible and have lower interest rates). See our online mortgage broker for more details UnoHomeLoans

 Risk Management is high on our priority list. By endeavouring to minimise potential losses, competitive rates can be maintained without jeopardising policy definitions and benefits, (some of which are outlined on the Unique Benefit under the heading Forms Download). As part of our Risk Management program, we conduct a risk management survey on each park we insure. The rating structure varies depending on the degree of self- risk management in place; automatic discounts apply to industry based OH&S or accreditation certificate. Discounts are also applied for a good claims history, association and industry group memberships.


Due to the varied discounts and unique rating structure, we require the Proposal (see downloads) to be completed. This will enable us to confirm an accurate quote to you, and by providing a copy of your existing insurance schedule will also help to ensure accurate replacement cover.

Our preference is to conduct business through licensed Insurance Brokers. We pride ourselves on our service and look forward to having the opportunity of doing business with you. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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$100,000 liability cover for customer’s goods in your care or control.

Full Broadform Public and Product Liability cover.

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200% increase in money cover during Xmas and Easter school holidays.

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