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Thank you for you’re inquiry. Parks Insurance Pty Ltd has designed and developed a National Insurance Program for Caravan Parks, Holiday Villages and Home Estates. As well as being recognised by Caravan Industry Association of Australia representing Caravan Parks and State associations, our program is classified as the preferred insurance policy, for the Top Tourist, Big 4 and Family Park groups.

The program offers specific policy wordings aligned with the industry needs and not those demanded by insurance companies. The programs Material Damage and Broadform Public Liability sections are Underwritten By Lumley General Limited and are based on a combination of ISR and business pack wordings which allows for superior cover, reduced Government charges and varying excesses.

Home and contents is underwritten by Lumley Personal Lines and are based on an accidental cover wording, with the marine underwritten by QBE/Merc Marine.

pic4Risk Management is the basis for the success of our program. By endeavoring to minimise potential loses, competitive rates can be maintained, without jeopardizing policy definitions and benefits, some of which are outlined on theĀ Unique Benefit sheet. As part of our Risk Management program, we individually survey each park. The rating structure can be varied depending on the degree of self-risk management chosen and discounts are applied for association, group memberships and claims history.

pic1Due to the varied discounts and unique rating structure, we require the Proposalto be completed before we can confirm our price with you.

pic6We are able to deal with registered Insurance Brokers. I look forward to having the opportunity of doing business with you in the future and of course if you have any questions please contact me.

Contact person: Julie


Phone: 02 4344 3011 Fax: 02 4344 2401

Snail mail: PO Box 817 WOY WOY. NSW 2256

Office location: Level 1 / 2 Oval Avenue WOY WOY. NSW 2256